Export a clean mesh from Fusion 360 and import it in Cinema 4D

Fusion 360 already has a integrated export function to create .obj files from your model. This may be useful for single part objects, but for more complicated ojects it isn’t really usable.

  • The export process has to be done on every single body in your model.
  • You can’t really fine tune your model before exporting. If you try it, there will be crashes.
  • I never got an model out of it where the normals were correctly imported in Cinema 4D.

To follow along you will need a program called Rhinoceros. Yes, it costs money, but you can try it out free for 90 Days.

Step by Step

  1. Open your Project in Fusion 360.

  2. Export it. Select „STEP” as Type.

  3. Open the freshly exported .step file with Rhinoceros. You will see the following 2 Dialog boxes. Leave them at default/accept them.

    • In Rhino click on „File » Export…”.
    • Select .obj as the output file format in the following dialog box.
    • Continue by clicking on „Export”.
  4. Set up the upcoming dialog box accordingly.

  5. In the last dialog box you can control the overall quality of your mesh model that will be exported. The following image shows a highpoly setting. The key here is the „Maximum angle” setting of 5.0 – this will generate a model with enough polys for the threads.

  6. Open up the .obj file in Cinema 4D with the following import settings.

  7. We’re done
    The mesh looks good, Normals are correct and each body from Fusion 360 is a separate polygon object inside Cinema 4D.

BTW: This solution works for every other STEP file as well. You could download a lot of them .step files in the interwebs and import them in C4D. Have Fun.

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